How to play Solitaire Online

The mission of the solitaire is to “finish” the cards in the deck, making sure that everything is resolved without any card “advancing”. The cards are sorted in a particular way:

The Groups

The card groups to be sorted are located at the bottom of the screen. The left group of cards has one card, and the next one has one more card. Only the top card of each group has its face up. Removing the card from the top of the group will reveal the one below.

The deck

The deck is located at the top left of the screen (in some versions of Online Solitaire it can be on the right) and contains the cards, which are not found in the various groups. 3 cards have already been selected and removed from the deck and placed face up to the right of it. Of these 3, the top card can be moved to one of the groups. By clicking on the deck the next three cards will be dealt (if there are at least 3 remaining cards in the deck). If there are no more cards in the deck, just click on the deck box and another one will be provided, for a limit of 3 times, if you receive 3 cards at a time. If you choose to receive ONE card at a time, then the number of passes in the deck is limited to one.

Seed of groups

The groups of cards divided by suit are located in the upper right of the screen and are initially empty. An ace can be moved in place of its suit and the cards can consequently be added in ascending order according to the suit.

How to play

After these brief clarifications, you can now start playing solitaire online! A card above the stack can be moved to the stack corresponding to its suit if the order of the card above that stack allows it (e.g. Kings have value 13, Queens 12, Jacks 11 and Aces 1 ). Here are some suggested moves for online solitaire:

Cards sorted at the bottom of the group can be moved to another group of cards if there is a card in sequence that has a different color and lower value than the card placed at the top of the target group.

The online solitaire player can choose to take one card from the deck at a time or go around the deck, or they can take three cards at a time but they can only play the first card that appears on top. If the player decides to go for the 3 card at a time option they can go around the deck three times.