Online casino: Usage and definition

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An real casino online malaysia rests on a site web in which, through a sophisticated platform virtual, provides an opportunity for registered users to play with many types of entertainment and games online.

In an online casino you will be able to offer classic casino games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, classic slots and video slots but also poker, sports and non-sports betting, live games, bingo, scratch cards, fantasy games and trading.

Obviously, the greater the number of games offered, the greater the investment required to open your online casino,

How to open an online casino

To open an online casino you will first need a website. The online gambling you can ask for concessions to the companies software. You will need to make sure at this stage that the software companies you request the games from are licensed to operate in Italy.

In order to operate in complete legality yourself you will also have to request and obtain the license, the only one currently recognized and considered legal to operate in the betting sector in Italy, both virtually and with a physical point.

Once you have opened your online casino, in addition to a good variety and quality of the games offered, you will have to offer users the opportunity to play both with virtual coins, therefore without money, and with real money.

To open an online casino successfully you will have to pay attention to several elements such as:

Choice of software and games.

Start-up of paperwork and obtaining the license.

SEO positioning of your website with the purchase of the domain that must bear the name of your brand.

Purchase and activation of a reliable high performance hosting.

Online marketing campaigns, search engine positioning strategies.

Marketing and communication campaigns via radio, television, billboards and flyers.

The different formats

There are numerous ways of opening an online casino. In fact, you can open an online casino in different ways such as:

Become Skin, or sub-licensee of another company already operating in the online betting and gaming sector, through franchising or licensing. In this case the bureaucratic process will be greatly simplified and the costs will also be decidedly lower. The main company will be responsible for setting up the website (in most cases) and managing the bets and odds. In addition, the company will already have the necessary license. The profit margins in this case are around 25 – 30% of the game generated on the site.

Open your own position and obtain the license yourself. In this case, the profit margins will be greater but the entrepreneurial risk, burdens and responsibilities will be equally high. In this case it will be possible to decide whether to manage the odds and bets independently or entrust the management to an external bookmaker company. In both cases, more knowledge and skills will be needed than in the first solution.

The requirements and the bureaucratic process

As mentioned previously, to open an online casino it will be essential to request and obtain the license by participating in the public call. 

It will then be necessary to follow the bureaucratic procedure, inquiring at the appropriate counters about any other requirements or obligations:

VAT opening

Registration in the Register of Companies

Certified communication of the start of business

The investment and the main costs

The biggest cost of opening your online casino will certainly be licensing. The license may not be easy to obtain and could cost well over $ 100,000.

Other important costs must also be incurred for software and related games, for marketing and positioning campaigns as well as for the creation of the site. Also having hardware such round water payment and archiving safe and reliable will cost not insignificant.